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Play exclusive VIP Games: Scratch Cards, Spin Wheel, Fill Captcha, Addition & Subtraction games. Choose from more than 10 Offerwall and Survey brands, such as: AdGate Media, Adscend Media, Offertoro, AdGem, AyeT-Studios, TimeWall, Monlix, Notik, CPX Research, Bitlabs, Lootably, Revlum and many more. You can also find vast variety of videos from popular networks, including UnityAds and Applovin. The available activities in Roaster Earn are endless


Invite your friends and earn 200 Credits for each friend that types your referral code. Your friend also earns one-time reward of 1000 Credits. Each time when your friends withdraw PayPal Cards, Gift Cards or Cryptocurrencies, you earn commissions into your balance. Once you reach the minimum threshold of 10$, the reward will be paid to your account on a NET-30 Basis. PayPal Cards give 20% of the amount, where Gift Cards and Cryptos reward with 10%


Choose from many available rewards, including: PayPal Cards up to 100$, Cryptocurrencies: Crypto Vouchers, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance, Ethereum, Dogecoin, USD Coin and Gift Cards, including Google Play, Amazon, Walmart, Netflix, Xbox, Playstation. Vast variety of gaming Gift Cards, including Fortnite and League of Legends. We also offer unique exclusive rewards, PayTM and UPI Payments for Indian users, VIP Cards for VIP Games and many more

Redeem and get your payment AS SOON AS POSSIblE (USUALLY bETween 24-48hrs)

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  1.  Create a Video, introducing Roaster Earn or MoneyTune

  2. The Video  can be published in – YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  ( We recommend YouTube )

  3. The Video needs to be minimum 2 Minutes long!

  4. The Video needs to be maximum 30 Days Older, before participating in this event!

  5. You can participate multiple times and be eligible for a reward, if your content is unique each time! 

  6. Your video needs to be helpful for others. Explain how the app works, key traits, helpful notes. Do a full overview. If the video is created only for the sole purpose of followers to enter referral code, it will not be considered unique. Emphasize and encourage your userbase to use Offerwalls, Surveys and PlayTime Rewards, including: AdGate Media, AdGem, Adscend Media, Torox, Monlix, Lootably, Notik, Bitlabs, AyeT-Studios, CPX-Research, TimeWall. We may consider your user activity, before finalizing your rewards


How to Apply ? 

  • After you create and publish your content, you need to send an email to –

You will receive an email response, with an Application form that you will need to fill and submit correctly to apply!


More Information to consider, when applying for the Create Content Event

  1.  It may take up to 30 to 60 Days, before an agent reviews your content. It’s your duty to ensure your video link is correct and active at all times! Usually this process takes few days.

  2.  No Short Links, like or bitly

  3. Video must be published in Social Media: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. We will not review content, published in another channels. If you still have video in another channel, contact Telegram Administrator for custom requirements and approvals –

  4.  To verify that you created the content, you need to reply us with the same email, pointed in your official channel. You also have to show your Referral Code in your content’s description and video ( For example in YouTube Description )

  5. Your reward may arrive in NET-30, at the end of each month

  6. The reward is eligible only in Roaster Earn. For example if you Create Content for MoneyTune and approved, your reward will be deposited in your Roaster Earn account

  7. Anyone can participate in this Create Content Event! Even if you have zero followers, you can still earn some free credits or bonus paypal cash directly in your paypal account. You have nothing to lose, only win! We usually always reward free credits and paypal cash to anyone, just for their efforts!

How Much I can earn from the Video ?

  • This depends on many factors, including: Video Quality and Engagement Rates. Once you submit your application, a specialized agent will review your Video and monitor it’s performance. The better your video performs, the more you will earn! To increase your chances to earn, you need to focus in encouraging users to earn from Offerwalls, Surveys or Playtime as these functions pay better than Games and Watching Videos.

How Much Credits, PayPal Earnings and extra rewards you earn, will be determined by the Agent that reviews your Content.  

We reward Credits up to 1, 000, 000 and PayPal Earnings, up to 100$ per video


Extra Rewards Free Rewards for anyone that creates and publish a content. You will always earn a free reward, described below, upon approving your content

  • Free Micro Task Offerwall Placement – You video will appear in the Micro Task Offerwall and users will be engaged to make action: Like your video, subscribe to your channel, write a comment. This will ensure your video/channel engagemet rate grows

  • Free Video Promotion within MoneyTune’s In-App videos: Watch & Earn

  • Free Video Promotion within MoneyTune’s  P.P.V (Pay Per View) section

With this method you can grow your channels and gain followers

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The Power of Money-Making Apps in 2023

In today’s digital age, the ways to earn money have taken a transformative turn, and one trend that’s gaining significant momentum is the utilization of money-making apps. These innovative applications offer users the chance to turn their leisure time into productive moments by playing games and completing various offers, all while reaping the benefits of real-life rewards like gift cards, Google Play credits, and PayPal cash. In this article, we’ll delve into why money-making apps have become an essential tool in the pursuit of extra income in 2023.

1. Play to Earn: The concept of earning money while playing games might sound too good to be true, but money-making apps have made it a reality. These apps offer a diverse range of games that not only provide entertainment but also reward users for their participation. By simply playing these games, users accumulate points, coins, or credits that can be converted into tangible rewards. From puzzle games to strategy simulations, there’s a game for every preference, ensuring that users never tire of the fun and earning potential.

3. Diverse Earning Opportunities: Money-making apps go beyond just gaming. They present users with an array of offers to complete, such as surveys, product trials, and promotional activities. This diversity ensures that users can choose activities that align with their interests and expertise, making the entire process more engaging and enjoyable.

5. Embracing the Trend: With the growing acceptance of remote work and the gig economy, people are constantly seeking additional sources of income. Money-making apps perfectly fit into this narrative by offering a low-barrier entry into the world of earning extra money. Whether you’re a student looking to cover expenses or a professional aiming to diversify income streams, these apps cater to a wide audience.

2. Flexibility and Convenience: The beauty of money-making apps lies in their flexibility and convenience. Whether you’re waiting for your morning coffee or commuting to work, you can make productive use of your idle time by engaging with these apps. The ability to seamlessly integrate earning opportunities into your daily routine means that you’re not only making the most of your time but also adding a little extra to your wallet.

4. Real-Life Rewards: The icing on the cake is undoubtedly the real-life rewards that money-making apps offer. Imagine accumulating points through gaming and completing offers, and then converting those points into gift cards, Google Play credits, or even direct PayPal cash. These rewards can be used for personal purchases, entertainment, or simply as a way to boost your savings.

In conclusion, 2023 has ushered in a new era of income generation through money-making apps. The ability to play games and complete offers for real-life rewards is a game-changer in the landscape of personal finance. These apps not only add a fun and engaging dimension to your routine but also offer a practical solution for boosting your financial health. So why not seize the opportunity and make your free time work for you? Embrace the trend of money-making apps today and enjoy the rewards tomorrow!


  • We have paid thousands of dollars as rewards to users around the world for 2 years beyond our initial capabilities and without a single offerwall. An achievement that has never been made by another app (and never will) 
  • Does not block accounts if you already received a payment once or request high value amounts
  • Totally dedicated to user experience and always looking for new ways to offer more money with cheaper prices
  • Constant updates & new features
  • You can always earn money, as long as you don’t violate our policies
  • Many available Offerwalls and Games to play, including referral, events and giveaways
  • Freely gives the user to decide how to earn money and to play
  • Very Simple UI Design & Detailed Documentation of how it works to provide the best user experience for everyone
  • Instant PayPal Payouts into your PayPal Account, starting from 0.20$
  • All Rewards are Processed and Completed within 24 to 48 Hours. If we need more time, you will be notified by your notifications or transaction status. We always try to pay as soon as possible, but, just like any other app, there may be times where we need more time to complete your payment.
  • All In-App Documentation can be translated into any language to help you understand how the app works.
  • Very Fast & Dedicated Customer Support
  • 4.8 Rated in Trustpilot and 4.7 on ProductHunt
  • Payment Proof Transperency. You can see a Recent Winners Page within your profile showing multiple payments made to users all around the world


The First Achievement, is it real ? Yes Totally Real! We have paid thousands of dollars as rewards to users around the world for 2 years and beyond our initial capabilities and without a single offerwall. Of course, we did not anticipate something like this and to be honest, without a proper sponsorship, this was just a huge time-bomb. While it provided, probably the best user experience, it did not had the same outcome for all other aspects. Back at the beginning, we started just as a small team and we only had simple games, such as Spin Wheel, Scratch Cards. Our revenue source were advertising videos, appearing between games or from watching rewarded videos. We relied only on this to provide real life rewards. We started with ZERO experence, like nothing. We believed giving rewards to users, by playing only such games, was the right thing and the only way to do it. This instantly brought more than 100 000 Users, without even advertising our app. We spend 0$ to bring that much users and kept on giving and giving rewards, until we found out that there is a huge incoming gap.. i.e users earning way to much virtual points, that we can afford. The Advertising Networks revenue was very low to support that much transactions. On top of that, many more issues arrived, such as Server Crashing, Application stops responding, App Crash, Internal Errors and of course Hacking Attempts. Simply put, Roaster Earn was no longer able to support that much traffic. In the next years, with huge effort and struggle, we managed to greatly improve all aspects of Roaster Earn, unfortunately it was not without losses. Still proud to declare it as one of the best Android Earning Applications in our Industry simply because we value 100% Transparency and professionalism! 



What sets Roaster Earn apart is its dynamic approach to rewards and profits. Unlike other GPT platforms, where rewards and earnings might remain stagnant, our “Growth” system ensures a progressive relationship between app popularity and user benefits. As Roaster Earn gains popularity, the advantages bestowed upon our users become increasingly impressive, translating into a host of perks that simply can’t be rivaled:

🌟 Enhanced and Affordable Rewards: As our user base expands, so do the rewards. Our unique system ensures that the rewards you receive get better and more valuable over time. From gift cards to exclusive merchandise, you’ll witness firsthand the evolution of your rewards into something truly extraordinary.

🎮 Amplified Game & Offerwall Credits: Engaging with games and completing offers has never been this rewarding. With Roaster Earn’s “Growth” system, your credits from games and offerwalls experience an exponential boost. Watch your earnings multiply as our platform gains traction and popularity.

🎁 Novelty in Rewards: Innovation is at the core of our approach. As Roaster Earn flourishes, we continually introduce new rewards to keep your experience fresh and exciting. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve ensures that your journey with us is characterized by discovery and delight.

But that’s not all. At Roaster Earn, our ethos revolves around prioritizing our users above all else. While the pursuit of profit is a natural aspect of any business, our focus on the user experience stands unwavering. We firmly believe that our success is intricately tied to your satisfaction. With every decision we make and every feature we introduce, our users remain the compass guiding our path.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of growth and prosperity. As Roaster Earn expands its horizons, we invite you to be an integral part of the excitement. The rewards are not just monetary – they’re a testament to the trust and partnership we share with each user who places their faith in Roaster Earn.

Discover a new era of rewards, engagement, and community at Roaster Earn. Your journey to a more rewarding future starts here.


Not Enough ?
Try out moneyTune


If Roaster Earn isn't enough, try our brand new earning app - MoneyTune: Earn Cash Rewards. You can find tons of new Games and Tasks to complete and withdraw exclusive and unique rewards, including the PlayTime Rewards where you earn the longer you play and you start earning coins from the very first minute! New Exchange Rates awaits you in MoneyTune, where 1$ costs only 1000 Virtual Coins. Pick from multiple games, including Scratch, Spin, Lotto Games, Slot Games, Jigsaw Puzzle, Guessing Games, Math Challenges, Monthly Tournaments, HTML5 Games and many more entertainments. Try popular Offerwall sites and Survey Providers, such as AdGem, AdGate, AyetStudios, Offertoro, Lootably, MMWall, Monlix, Bitlabs, CPX Research. Watch Videos and earn real money and cash rewards, completely free and legit. Making Money has never been easier! Instant PayPal Payouts!

Also you can transfer coins across both MoneyTune and Roaster Earn to DOUBLE your profit between all of our projects

Why you should use Playtime Rewards ? – 

As we our research, users can earn most points and rewards from Playtime Rewards, than any other existing offerwall, survey or game. With Playtime, you earn from the very first minute. Depending on your location, you can easily make 10$ or more within minutes/hours, after starting Playtime Rewards. Find many available Games from playtime and the more you play, the more money you will make. 

Earn from Playtime and transfer your coins into Roaster Earn for even better Limited Edition PayPal Cards, Gift Cards, Cryptocurrencies and many many more rewards.

How Playtime Works ?

1. Install any application from Playtime Rewards!

2. Start Playing and earn from the very first minute! 

Unlike Offerwalls, which can take days or weeks to complete some offers, with Playtime Rewards you earn as soon as you start. This guarantees you to win very fast coins and rewards